About the Artist - MirjamvanDalum
Snowcrystals - light blue

Mirjam van Dalum

Biologist & Artist

Nationality: Dutch

Current residence: Trondheim, Norway.

Gender: female

Birthdate: 27th of April 1988

Contact: m.v.dalum@gmail.com  - (+47)94432154 , (+31)650907444

Art techniques and styles: digital, realistic, cartoon, comic, scenery, concept sketches, tribal, logos, GIF-animations, pixel-art. I work mainly in Adobe Photoshop and use a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet.

Art interests and specialities: realistic wildlife, landscapes and scenery, concept art, science illustration, wild- and domestic cat portraits, fantasy cats, fantasy creatures, dragons, gothic, dark and cold atmospheres.

General Interests: biology, science, education, nature, wildlife, carnivores, felids, fantasy & gothic, music, martial arts, outdoor sports like alpine skiing, country skiing, kayaking, running, hiking.


I lived in Netherlands with my family and two Oriental cats, until February 2012. Then I finally could follow my dream to move to a country full of nature, snow and inspiration: Norway. Before I moved to Norway, I took a bachelor Biology in the Netherlands at the Utrecht University. I continued studying at the Utrecht University and took my master degree in Environmental Biology, with a speciality in behavioural ecology, there as well. However, a got the chance to do a nine-months internship about stress-levels in horses in Denmark; already a step towards Scandinavia. For my second internship, I wanted to work with lynx at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. Luckily, the scientist responsible for lynx-research in Norway was surprisingly interested in my artwork, and would gladly have me work as science illustrator. This gave me the ultimate chance to make the move to Norway and do the master project and art-job of my dreams. After finishing my master studies, I stayed in Norway and took a one-year teacher studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). My aim is to use my creativity and work with art, biology and education combined.

Commissions and possibilities

- Scientific illustrations

- Concept art and scenery

-  Portraits

- Backgrounds and designs

- Logos, icons and banners

Examples of artwork