Commission and License - MirjamvanDalum
Snowcrystals - light blue

I have experience with several forms of art-production and services, as listed below.


My art is available for licensing and has been licensed on products like cross-stitch charts. Contact me for more details.

Commissions & services

- Digital paintings; animal portraits, fantasy, landscapes and scenery

- Scientific illustrations

- T-shirt design

- Cartoons, comics and book illustrations

- Character design

- Tribal, tattoos and designs

- Banners, logos and website decoration

- Decoration of Greenland paddles

The prices depend on the requested technique, topic, quality and quantity. The overview below is a guideline for prices or different styles and techniques. For larger projects and long-term collaborations; other prices can be considered. Contact me for more information : m.v.dalum (at)

Prints and products of artwork.

Prints in different sizes can be ordered on smugmug or via local stores. More products will come available elsewhere in the near future. Let me know if you are interested!