Snowcrystals - light blue

Jayme van Dalum

A biologist and artist with a passion for wildlife, nature and fantasy.

I am a Dutch freelance artist with a master degree in biology and have a passion for nature, fantasy, art, and animals. My interest in nature made me move to Norway; first to Trondheim and later to Tromsø, where I started a PhD on seasonal timing in mammals.

My usual style is rather dark with strong lighting effects, in deep and cold colours. However, I master a great variety of styles like realistic, illustrative, cartoon and comic and can do science illustrations, concept art, atmospheric landscapes, story illustrations and a great variety of other things. My main interest goes to wild and domestic cats, other carnivores, fantasy species, dragons, anatomy studies and cold mountainous landscapes. I work mainly digitally in Adobe Photoshop and use a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet.

Contact me
Email: m.v.dalum (at) gmail.com

Lynx anatomy